Electronics for the Win

Electronics used to be something the rich kids had. Now, electronics is something everyone has. The field of Strategic Communications/Public Relations use electronics like a politician uses their mouth. “Nonstop”

Strategic Communication majors use computers to create and update blogs on a regular basis. They outline current events or even use blogs to write about their business and field of work. Online videos, which can be posted on blogs, are used as ways to highlight a certain initiative a business might support, or even an exciting happening occurring in a particular business. Online videos are even used as advertisements for a certain products a business sustains.

Social media also plays a big role in strategic communications. Social sites like Facebook and Twitter are great ways for the communications majors to reach potential clients and even their current client base. Southwest airlines is a good example. Their Facebook page updates current customers of flight delays/ problems and even special deals that they and potential clients can take advantage of.

Using electronics has become the standard for media/communications majors. The field is expanding, and it is important for professionals in the communication field to know how to take advantage of the edge electronics can give their career.

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Public Transportation: A money saving tradition… without intuition

I use the word intuition because I do not think many understand the truth behind public transportation: It saves money. I was impressed to find through the Arlington Transit blog that riding public transportation can save you $9,381 a year.

Public transportation does have some social stigmas. To me, it seems that many think public transit is only for those who do not have a car or those who are poor. However, this is not always the case. Public transportation systems need to do a better job of communicating. This can be done both by communicating with the federal government and also communicating with the pubic.

First, let’s talk about the government. Transit systems at points have a bad reputation. Sometimes this comes from the dingy condition of their transit vehicles or the over priced fares. The federal government does subsidize transit systems. They also offer them grants. However, by the look of many transit systems in this country, it is not enough. Transit systems need to do a better job of standing up to the government when needed. They need to press for more grants and more money in the name of providing a better essential service to its riders. Transit systems, however, should not raise prices in the name of profit on the backs of its riders. No questions asked. Raising prices will not solve funding problems.

Lastly, transit systems need to utilize public relation advisers to help them better connect with the public. In doing so, they can help dispute some negative social views that many have towards public transit systems. Public relations advisers would be able to communicate with the pubic through social media: Facebook, twitter, blogs and YouTube to name a few. Transportation systems get their subsidization through the number of riders they have each year. I believe that good public relations advisers through social media would be able to create a positive image for transit systems. In doing so, ridership would increase and thus more money would be given to transit systems. I know that this is a more direct approach to transit problems. However, they raise the merit that there are fixes to these problems.

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