GMFs… We use ’em and they don’t.

As it currently stands, labeling genetically modified foods is not a mandate.  There is also not a law set forth in the United States that regulates the testing of genetically modified foods, so essentially, farmers and producers are free to change the genetic makeup of crops without any type of oversight.  The United States has taken an approach of laziness and a mindset of “kicking the can down the road” when it comes to genetically modified foods. However, the international community has taken a more proactive approach towards genetically modified foods. International countries have implemented laws as a precautionary principle to avoid any problems caused by unknown side effects that may occur when eating food that has been genetically modified. Countries such as Europe and Australia have implemented laws that not only require farmers and producers to label modified food, but they also mandate that the modified food be able to be traced back to its origination. Other countries such as Venezuela and India have banned genetically modified foods all together, officially refusing to deal with the side effects of allowing farmers and producers to modify food. Plain and simple. The United States is lazy when it comes to securing their food sources. Especially when it comes to the health concerns of genetically modified foods.

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