Over reactive fans cause….

Sports have been a fixture in human life for decades. From undocumented games history knows nothing about, to the 2012 Olympic Games in London; sports have come a long way. We have innovative aerodynamic swimsuits, neon uniforms, cleats, balls, equipment, stadiums and so many more accessories that have evolved through time. However, there is one important aspect of sports that has relatively little to no change over time: fans. Fans have always had an important place in the world of sports.  In Roman history, fans were both jury and judge during the gladiator showings where they would often make life or death decisions for a losing gladiator. In the present day sports world, fans roles in sports have been somewhat subdued. Currently, Serena Williams is beating Sam Stosur. The confidence level Williams is displaying undoubtedly comes not only from her pure talent, but from the large amount of fans rooting her on in Fan Circle Stadium. Fans without doubt play a large role in the sports world. The momentum they can give a player or team is incredible, but it’s what fans do once the buzzer sounds, the whistle blows, the lights go down and the media begins to recap that still has some scratching their head in disbelief that one game can have more consequences that a lost title or a broken record. Riots!

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