ESPN… Good or bad for sports?

I think it is important that we understand why people watch ESPN. Let’s be honest, someone who likes sports is going to watch a game if it is on TV, regardless of which channel is airing it. According to, ESPN “offers breaking news, highlights, features and in-depth analysis from award-winning journalists.” In order for ESPN to be able to feature what they offer, they have to show sports games and game updates. That is why I watch ESPN. I want to see a game. I do not believe ESPN is bad for sports. I watch ESPN to watch sports and sports only. I don’t watch commentary, I don’t read their online articles, and I don’t participate in online chats concerning ESPN. I watch ESPN solely because I want to watch a sports game and ESPN does a great job airing a multitude of sports games. The notion that someone says ESPN is bad for sports because of its lack of or sloppy journalism forgets why ESPN exists to begin with. ESPN exists to provide sports games with commentary… Not journalism.

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