You would think…

You would think that anyone could be elected to political office, given that our president was a junior senator from Illinois one year prior to announcing his candidacy for president. Politicians today, take their jobs way to serious, all in the name of being popular of course. That is why I love The Onion podcasts: short, simple stories that are politically incorrect.

A recent story The Onion produced tells of Congress forgetting how to pass legislation. This is due to the high level of partisanship over the last couple of years. Politicians, however, would never laugh at their own grievances. This very reason is why John Stewart and Stephen Colbert held a rally to restore sanity in Washington D.C. to lighten up the mood of politics. John Stewart said the message of the rally would be to “take it down a notch” I have to say; I agree with John Stewart, this would do America some good.

Simply put, The Onion does just that, it takes it down a notch. It brings sanity back to politics and keeps the mood light for America. Perhaps if congress was more like The Onion, things wouldn’t be so upside down in politics.

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