Utilize it … or someone else will

Public transportation. It is all around us. Oklahomans likely don’t have a concept of what “public transportation” actually is. The website publictransportation.org gives a great explanation referring to transit. The above website also lists some interesting facts that make me want to use public transportation even more. For example, in 2008, Americans took 10.7 billion trips on public transportation. As someone living in Oklahoma, that is almost impossible to fathom. However, in Oklahoma, how many of us have actually utilized a transit system? I bet not very many have. As someone who drives a transit bus, my eyes have been opened up to a whole new world. This time, a world I am driving in, not watching pass by.


I love driving. In fact, I feel paranoid if some else is driving me around. But the more research I do, I find that taking a transit bus, trolley, or train is not such a bad idea after all. With the economy the way it is and gas prices sky-high, I do enjoy saving money on gas. I found an article outlining “20 Reasons to Consider Public transportation,” and I must say; I had no idea that a regular rush-hour driver wastes an average of 99 gallons of gasoline each year. Read more: http://socyberty.com/activism/20-reasons-to-consider-public-transit-facts-and-figures/#ixzz11KlXh86i

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