CNG = the new Green

In the early 2000s, America was in a frenzy. Ozone layers were high and public health messages played across the T.V. screens telling drivers to car pool. This same message came across when gas prices soared in the mid 2000s. This time, the theme of this message needs to be refined. To save money and to keep the air clean, ride the bus. Oklahoma State University is helping set this standard. In December of last year, OSU began using compressed natural gas (CNG) buses for their public transportation routes.


The notion for years has been that public transportation sucks gas and spits it out in the form of smog. With OSU adding to a healthy standard, it should add to a more healthy view for transportation systems. OSU is not the first to switch to CNG buses. School systems, transportation systems, government departments and the public have begun to use CNG powered vehicles. 
There is so much more to the need for CNG powered vehicles than transportation. Each year, the United States spends billions of dollars each year to purchase oil from foreign countries. Many of these countries do not have the best interest of the U.S. at hand. Oklahoma is a small catalyst in being a part of the solution to the United States dependence on foreign oil. 

There are so many reasons that switching to CNG powered vehicles are beneficial. It is up to you as the public to do your research and to make an informed decision on your support for CNG vehicles. In the meantime, it is refreshing to see Oklahoma State University setting a standard in ensuring Stillwater, Okla. is a safe and economically beneficial place to live and learn.


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