Ingenuity in transportation

The very idea that Americans want a better funded and expanded transportation system is the same idea that Americans for the last two decades have been demanding. So it comes as no surprise that 79 percent of those polled in rural areas want a better system. Politicians from both sides of the political spectrum say that we just can not afford it. While this may be true on several fronts, the discussion should not focus on the lack of funding, but focus how we can afford it. I would offer a very simple idea that taxpayer’s money is supposed to be used to provide quality infrastructure, not pet projects and bailing out fiscally irresponsible businesses. By cutting wasteful spending, reforming the earmark process and giving the president line item veto power, I believe America could begin to fund, expand and update America’s transportation systems.

I have recently begun to look further into the idea of expanding America’s transportation systems. It seems the lack of funding, innovation and interest into this idea has hindered American’s outcry for a better transportation system. I read an article that stated 79 percent of rural Americans want a better, expanded transportation system.

With that said, there needs to be a discussion on what type of new, expanded transportation American’s want. So I will begin that discussion by saying public rail service has to be a bigger priority for the next Congress. Small town infrastructure and economic outlooks can and will expand if we allow more access to tourism and experience of the town. Next, congress will have to look at ways to fund our already existing systems. This includes boat, bus and current Amtrak rails services. These services need updating and well as better funding to ensure long term success.

Lastly, we can not forget about our current infrastructure with roads and bridges. States need to rely less on the federal government to keep these updated. If states could find a way to stop owing toll road trust organizations and return toll funds back to the people in terms of road and bridge infrastructure, America would see many new jobs created and a new found economically endowed area of interest. States and Congress must start working together to bring public opinion into the works of recreating a new public transportation system in America.

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