This may be a strange way to start out a blog, but I don’t have much to say. After weeks of being swamped with work, school and being the president of my fraternity; the sudden break in my schedule has brought a welcomed relaxing week. Unfortunately, as much as I wish they could, not everyone can catch a break.

As I was leaving campus earlier this week, a loud crashing noise caught my attention. Looking to my left, I saw two scooters; one of them one the ground. Upon further surveillance, I noticed there was a girl lying on the ground. She had obviously fallen off of her scooter. I bring up this story because it seems people have forgotten about the importance of responsibility, especially when it comes to transportation.

My parents always told me that driving is a privilege, not a right. And with this privilege comes the responsibility of being safe. The girl who had fallen off of her scooter obviously didn’t plan to fall off; but if she had worn a helmet, she might not have had such a bad day. A Winston-Salem Journal claims, “as the number of mopeds and scooters rises, so will the number of accidents.” I couldn’t agree more. However, as the number of mopeds and scooters rise, drivers can’t rely on other drivers to keep them safe. Be a defensive driver, it is the only way to cover yourself and make sure that you are completely following the rules. When it comes to deciding who is at fault when driving accidents occur, if you follow the rules by driving defensibly, you have covered your bases!

What you don’t know, is that I caught a break because I knew my energy level was low, so I took off work. Drivers can catch a break and that girl on the scooter could catch a break also, if they would think forward and not just in the moment.

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