To be or not to be…. Private?

It seems like no matter where you are, online privacy is a hot topic these days. Every news channel talks about it, Congress is debating it, and even my mom frets about it every now and then. There seems to be a few different areas of online privacy, but most notably is the discussion over social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
It comes as no surprise that a PEW research study found that 43% of social networking teens have been contacted by someone they don’t know. This is astonishing, considering there is no way to verify that another social network user is who they portray themselves to be. A USAToday Poll took it one step further in defining the concerns of social networking privacy when their poll found that 85% of parents say they’re more concerned about online privacy than they were five years ago. These studies are all over the web, but I would venture to say that when parents begin to be concerned over their children’s privacy, changes to social networking policies over privacy are about to be hit hard by parental concerns.

Because social networking sites are relatively new, having been created within the last decade, there still aren’t concrete policies determining how to handle such problems created by social networking sites. While there have not been any huge scandals revolving around the topic, look for a situation to arise that angers the public and elected officials. I think it would be safe to say that in the event of the above occurring, you will see big changes to privacy policies for social networking sights.

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